Optimizing Results Through ​Strategic Insights & Execution​​​

A global senior executive that knows how to develop and ​execute winning strategies, build profitable businesses and increase shareholder value.”


Success Driven Executive​

To understand me as an executive, a global leader and a person you need to know a little bit more about my background and wiring.  I was born and raised in the Minneapolis area and have lived there all my life.  I am one of seven children; my father sold incentive programs and my mother was a dental hygienist and later sold real estate. My parents were a tremendous inspiration in their own unique ways.  I can recall my father practicing his business presentations with my sisters and brothers as his audience and we just ​loved it.  ​Little did I know the tremendous business education I was receiving at such a young age.  Growing up, I was a national gymnastics champion, produced an annual three day muscular dystrophy fundraiser for several years and also gave guitar lessons starting at age 10. My resourcefulness and entrepreneurialism is a trait I share with my six siblings all of whom have successful careers running their own companies or as corporate executives.​

  • I attended St. Thomas University on a full four year scholarship and created its first ever industrial wellness major that combined business and physical education.
  • When I graduated I ran a new gymnastics school for about a year but left to join E.W. Blanch, a reinsurance broker, as a management trainee and later as a broker in its medical professional liability unit.
  • I was recruited to join St. Paul Companies as a regional account manager for its medical services operations responsible for one third of the country, marketing to agents and brokers whose clients included doctors, hospitals and other health care entities.
  • Over the next several years I led various areas of The St. Paul’s medical professional liability and reinsurance businesses including as second in command of its ceded reinsurance division where I bought what I had previously sold while at E.W. Blanch, heading marketing for its Medical Services Division and ultimately leading its underwriting department. I then was asked by the COO to become the vice president of corporate sales and marketing.
  • Next I was recruited as CEO to rebrand and turnaround Paragon, a subsidiary of Benfield (at that time) that provides third party administrative services to insurance and reinsurance companies.
  • Benfield’s CEO then asked me to lead an origination broking team for medical professional liability while running Paragon which I did for one year.
  • Then Aon Re hired me to lead its global healthcare and lawyers professional liability Practice Group where I served as a product specialist and advisor to a team of 40 brokers and analysts in the US and London.
  • BMS, a specialty reinsurance broker, recruited me to grow its global specialty casualty business which led to the CEO naming me to lead corporate business development and marketing to build greater synergies between U.S. and UK business.​

A Strong Competitor

I love a challenge.  Whether it’s turning around a business or running a marathon, I am energized by the process of creating a strategy then developing and executing the plan.  An optimist by nature, I’m not deterred by the usual obstacles one encounters along the way, but instead see hurdles and unexpected events as an opportunity to use my creativity, leverage my team’s talents and perhaps design a better mousetrap as a result. I’ve found that my ability to see things from a long-term perspective and lay strong business foundations has also contributed to my accomplishments.​

​​A Motivating and Inspirational Force

As a child I was taught that no goal was too big or any dream unreasonable.  My parents taught me that intent and motivation got you halfway there. I have the same approach with my team and my ability to support and believe in my employees has enabled us to achieve great results together. I also apply that mindset to the organization as a whole as I work cross-functionally to build consensus and create buy-in to enact change and growth.​


  • Purchased over $200M of reinsurance annually, with less than t​​en years in the business.
  • Streamlined operations and processes of The St. Paul’s Medical Services Division cutting annual costs by $3M.
  • Created a key medical producer program that recognized top sales executives with distinctive rewards that years later employees still describe as innovative.
  • Consolidated St. Paul’s ​corporate marketing and sales efforts to generate savings of $4M per year.
  • Transformed Paragon’s business and brand resulting in a 200% increase in revenues.
  • Landed a top medical professional liability account resulting in company annual revenue of over $1M.
  • Integrated Aon Benfield’s US and UK Medical and Lawyers Professional Liability operations to leverage each entity’s capabilities.


​I’ve lived a varied and interesting life. I’ve worked hard, seized every opportunity presented to me and achieved and often exceeded the goals I set for myself.   And if you believe as I do, that one’s track record is a fairly accurate predictor of one’s future successes, then take a close look at what I’ve done and what I’ve accomplished across a broad spectrum of commercial challenges and ask yourself “is Theresa Schugel the kind of person I’d like on my team; someone I can trust to get the job done, build growth and success for my company while also creating a high-performing culture?” If your answer is yes then I’d enjoy having a conversation to learn more about how I can add value to your organization.